Marsha Warren

Marsha Warren


Marsha Warren

Marsha Warren


How we inhabit our bodies and the spaces we move through, how we live within our physical, social, internal and external worlds, has everything to do with our sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Being alive is dynamic, whether we are sitting “still” or running around.

Life is motion. The work that I do, hands-on Asian bodywork, as well as private or group guided movement and meditation, is designed to help you achieve your optimal body/mind function, to move efficiently and comfortably, and to feel inspired and self-directed.

These ideas have been my focus for many years and have taken many forms. My earliest memories are of the sense of freedom and connection that I felt as a barefoot child growing up in the Indiana Dunes - running along the lake shore, toes in the sand and head in the clouds.

I went on to fill my life with the observation and study of how we live, feel, think, move, communicate, and interface with the world kinesthetically - our experiences, emotions, senses, minds and bodies working as a whole. While studying multiple disciplines such as dance, the arts, humanities, and sciences, the importance of an integrative approach became clear.

My evolution toward a holistic view evolved naturally. Following this path, I began to study Asian therapeutic bodywork, movement, and wellness practices. The theories, philosophy and techniques of traditional Asian health maintenance have become my life’s focus.

Open to the continuous progress being made by many contemporary contributors to this vast field, I continue to evolve my work, integrating fresh perspectives and methods (of both Asian and non-Asian origin).

I have built my practice over the past 20 years. I work with a variety of people who come for a variety of reasons. Many want relief from stress. Many are seeking to live better with chronic conditions, many are processing complex emotions such as grief, anxiety, or a sense of inertia. Some simply want to feel more open and to move more freely.

Education and Certifications

B.A. Washington University in St. Louis;  Major - Soc.Psych & Dance

M.Ed Chicago Consortium, Columbia College; Interdisciplinary Art Education - Dance

Harrington College of Design; Interior Architecture and Space Planning

Ohashiatsu Chicago; Shiatsu Bodywork

Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage; Thai Massage

Institute of Integrative Qigong and Tai Chi; Qigong Teacher Certification

Heaven Meets Earth; Illuminated Soul Yoga Teacher Certification

Zen Shiatsu Chicago; Post- Graduate Clinical Shiatsu Bodywork

Other Credentials/Affiliations

Zen Shiatsu Chicago: Faculty Member, Shiatsu Curriculum and Qigong Workshops

Illinois Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Professional Level member of:

American Bodywork and Massage Professionals

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia

National Qigong Association

IIQTC and Health Action Network, Assistant Trainer under Roger Jahnke



A word of thanks to some of the teachers who have shared so much insight and continue to inspire me (listed alphabetically)

Grace Chen
Deborah Davis
Michael DeAgro
Chuck Duff
Roger Jahnke
Wataru Ohashi
Matthew Swiegart
Lisa F. Weber
Catherine White